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Mechanical Agitator


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Cosmetic
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Fine Chemicals



MAVADRIVE® agitators are available in various models to cover a wide spectrum of applications:


  • Fermenter agitators for installation through the base of vessels, designed for high specific capacities; with sterile seal, shaft diameters 20 mm up to over 200 mm


  • Top entry agitators for the small to medium capacity range, with shaft diameters 20 mm up to over 80 mm


  • Top entry agitators according to DIN 28162 (easy replacement of mechanical seal), for shaft diameters 60 mm up to over 140 mm


  • The intelligent solution for simpler mixing tasks and limited demands on sterile design.
  • Hollow shaft drive, for shafts 35 mm up to over 60 mm


  • Mechanical foam separator
    Tailored solutions to suit your particular requirements

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