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Magnetic Agitator


  • Injectables
  • Bacteria and cell cultures
  • Plasma fractions
  • Vaccines
  • Infusion Solutions
  • Different types of suspensions


Bottom Mounted, Type MDB

  • Drive orientation Horizontal, by means of right angle or worm gear reducer
  • Less height requirement under the vessel
  • Necessary for MDB sizes above MAVAG's1800 Ncm -> lowering device


  • Drive orientation vertical, by means of a direct coupled motor or parallel helical speed reducer

    Top Mounted, Type MDA

  • Magnetic coupling placed near the impeller level
  • External drive shaft, external standard ball bearings, containment shell shaped like a tube
  • For single stage impeller systems only, rotating on a ceramic slide bearing
  • Covered by patents


  • Magnetic coupling placed inside an agitator lantern, on top of the vessel
  • Internal ball bearings for the agitator shaft made from special ceramic material -> dry running
  • Multistage impeller systems
  • Special design of the containment shell allows for CIP/SIP

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